Aston Martin Virage - 2012 model

Elegantly & Sporty

Aston Martin presented at the Geneva Motor Show the new Virage, like all brand cars, shows a very elegant design, and despite being different from the rest, intact DNA from the British firm.

Virage is located between the elegant DB9 and DBS sports, combining the performance of a sports car with high doses of luxury, comfort and refinement, making it a delight to drive. The engine is a 6.0-liter V12 that generates 490 horsepower and complemented with an automatic transmission, six-speed Touchtronic II. The dynamics have been directed to provide an extremely refined driving experience where the driver can get the most out of the car with the greatest ease.

Adaptive Damping System

This is an image Aston Martin Virage comes with the new Adaptive Damping System that reads the way to adapt the car to the different conditions by choosing one of five modes of operation and has ceramic brakes also reduce the weight of the car, improve the balance between driving comfort and behavior. The Aston Martin Virage body is aluminum because its architecture was inspired by the aerospace industry where weight reduction is the priority, is strong and yet lightweight. His appearance is short and wide, has bi-xenon lights whose design follows the order forms, the grille is inspired by the One-77 and has six LED lights on the sides.

Workmanship is exquisite

This is an image From the moment you open the doors (of course with swan-wing design), we see that smell so characteristic of the skin, which covers much of the interior. And like all models of the British firm, the workmanship is exquisite. Just to the inside of Virage were required about 70 man hours, but in general to build each car required 200 hours man in Gaydon factory. Simplicity Aston Martin Virage runs inside with the new Satellite Navigation system that was made in conjunction with Garmin and facilitates the operation of the functions through the console-mounted joystick. It comes with a high resolution display of 6.5 inches with excellent graphics and maps. Aston Martin Virage standard equipment includes heated seats, cruise control, navigation system, Bluetooth and sound system 700W Aston Martin Premium with iPod integration. The Virage and Virage Volante are now on sale and will join the V8 Vantage S / urban Cygnet to complete the new product line of Aston Martin.


Sitting at the heart of any Aston Martin sports car is an evocative engine and no more so in the new Virage which adopts the famous hand-built 6.0 litre V12 which is assembled in Aston Martin's bespoke engine plant in Köln, Germany. Aston Martin technicians spend in excess of 20 hours building and testing every engine before sending it to Gaydon where it is mounted as far back in the Aston Martin Virage as possible to contribute to its perfect 50:50 weight balance. The Aston Martin Virage engine produces 490 bhp (365 kW/497 PS) and 570 nM (420 lb. Ft) of torque and is identified from other V12s in the family with a black plenum. The plenum houses a new 'five pillar design' increasing the rigidity of the manifold delivering an improved sound quality. The V12 has been designed to deliver over 85% of Virage's peak torque at only 1,500 rpm providing for instant and crucially, real-world useable traction.

Aston Martin Product Development Director, Ian Minards explains: "The new Virage represents another landmark Aston Martin in the sporting GT class, combining luxury with performance. Our Engineering team has sought to balance the elements of contemporary design, strong performance credentials and driving fluidity. We have focused on the major building blocks of automotive performance and control, as well as the intricate details of operation, comfort and craftsmanship." The Touchtronic II transmission features as standard, and contributes to Aston Martin Virage's refined power delivery making gear changes tangible yet effortless. Engineered in conjunction with ZF, the six-speed automatic has optimally placed ratios to remain quiet on motorway stretches and deliver an engaging response when driving spiritedly. Controlled through finely polished glass switches depicting P, R, N, D on the facia, the driver can engage automatic mode, and the intelligent control system will decide precisely the right time to change gear in order to achieve the smoothest ratio move and the optimum fuel economy.

In addition, the driver has the option of pulling either of the magnesium leather clad paddles to engage manual mode. Mounted on the steering column so that the driver can always easily locate either up or down, the manual mode gives the driver complete control. Virage features a Sport button on the facia which when depressed will create a heightened driving experience through faster gear changes and the system will override the automatic change-up so the driver is able to hold the gear on the revolution limiter.